A few zillion ends later, here’s the result. My Shapely T done from Berroco Suede.

Overall summary – a @*)% to knit, nice effect though. A bit spongy andheavy (meaning weighty) for a summer T, but living in Massachusetts that shouldn’t pose a problem. I sewed up using the yarn itself, in mattress stitch, so the seams are invisible. I used this method to sew on the sleeves (page down the PDF for the English text). Because the yarn is all nylon, I didn’t bother blocking it first. I’ve been warned thatSuededoes stretch a bit in the wash, so I will probably stick to dry cleaning for this piece.

The pattern was excellent. I had no problems using it as a point of departure, tarting it up with additional trim at hems and neckline. I like the lay of the body, the shaping makes it quite comfortable and flattering, but I’m less pleased with the way mysleeves turned out. I did make them longer than the directions specified, but they seem baggy inthis rather un-drapey yarn. Perhaps if I use this pattern again I’ll use one size smaller sleeves. For the record, I knit this following the size 44 directions, so there’s plenty of scope for people who wear larger sizes to use the Shapely T pattern.

What am I going to do next? I’m not sure. I’ve got the Cursed Socks to tuck away, but that’s only a couple of evenings of work. I did indulge myself last week and get some Mountain Mohair Wool Crepein the color "Alpine". It’s listed in the yarn review collection as being a bulky, at 2 stitches per inch for the manufacturer’s gauge, but that seems wildly off. Although my label stats match the entry in the collection, the stuff I havelooks quite fine. Allowing for the boucle texture, it looks like it would knit up at sport or DK weight.

Perhaps the 2spi is a recommendation for lace, as this yarn is most often used for lacy shawls. I plan on making another short-sleeve pullover (I should have just enough if I’m frugal with the drape and keep the sleeves short. I want a more opaque look. I’ll be swatching over the next several days. One thing I want to do is to play with the hand dyed color. (Yes, the blues are as intense as the photo shows.) I’m thinking of knitting something where the colors bounce back and forth in narrow strips, perhaps body-wrapping diagonals or straights.Here are some sources of inspiration from one of my all-time favorite knitting sites (no patterns available):

Off to swatch and stew.

On the house front? We’ve accepted an offer on our place, and have signed the purchase and sale agreement on the new house. We’re on track to move come early summer. And here’s proof that for one brief and shining moment in my life, my desk (wiseNeedle Central) was clean.

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