Today’s entry will be rather short, and posted in advance. I’m off to jury duty, to assist in the dispensation of justice here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

Heaven help Massachusetts.

If you see a tall gal with glasses knitting on a lacy white scarf in the Cambridge courthouse, or at the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall around lunch time, stop by and say hello.

Department of Goofing Off

I was out Web-walking and stumbled arcoss these little frighteners:

Don’t worry. They’re not recent projects – they’relittle knit "pets" from a set of promotional eCards put out by GGH. You can send these or one of theirseven siblings with your own message. If you live in Germany (or have a cooperative penpal) you canbuy a packet of paper postcards showing the entire set.

Back tomorrow with more tangled knitting thoughts. Unless of course the Commonwealth intervenes.

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