Still working away at it, I’m afraid. I had hoped to be done by the end of this week, but it looks like another two weeks ofthe bottom borderlie before me.

It’s not procrastination – it’s injury.

To get this piece to look nice and solid, I’m working rather tightly. That means that each double crochet that’s worked into a one below involves a little bit a jab to pierce the previous stitch. Unfortunately, the way I hold my work and form the stitches means that that jab goes right into the tip of my left hand middle finger. Now for most crochet it doesn’t matter, the hook is nice and big. But for this piece the hook is just pointy enough to make long sessions painful. This weekend past I cracked the stitcher’s callousthat I’ve been building up,and had to put my curtain aside so that I wouldn’t stain it as I was working.

There are various solutions to this problem. Quilters, stitchers and crocheters who often run afoul of finger-sticks use a band-aid or piece of tape on the receiving finger. Others use thimbles or leather finger protectors. There’s even a couple of products sold for this purpose – small dot-like patches of adhesive plastic, and paint-on "second skin" acrylics. I’ve tried some of these, but always found that I had a harder time controlling tension and placement with anything that got between my fingers and my work. I guess Irely too much on feel. So instead I try to pace myself to avoid breaks like the one over the weekend. I can’t give up on it now, though. I’m too close to the end to let something silly like bodily injury slow me down.

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