Today bodes to be a chaotic day, with Real Life intruding on the time I usually squander on blogging, eMailand wiseNeedle maintenance. There’s a Family Event in the works for this weekend, so there are obligations that need to be met that require setting disorder aright, the creation of foods, and dressing/attending the actual group activity. Therefore do no be surprised if little gets posted here over the next 48 hours.

In the mean time, I can report on last night’s midnight ramblings. Some of it is knitting-related, some not.

First, I went off web-walking through Japan again. No I don’t read Japanese, but I do read Picture. Even if the text is beyond me, I always find tons of inspiration (and not an inconsiderable bit of whimsey) in what turns up. Of course I visited my standardsources of Japanese knitting fun- The Hand Knit Lab and the ABCs of Knitting – neither one of which has been updated in a long time. But I did find new stuff, too.

On the inspiration end is the Motif-Motif website. As far as I can tell, it’s a retail site offering finished knitted garments. Quite a few sport interesting features, including asymmetrical closures and a freshuse of textures – including crochetand crochet used in combo with knitting. Some of the crochet might be a little over the top for my tastes, but even done at the scale of these pieces, it has a better drape and flow than the clunky wool stuff I blogged about before. Click on the thumbnails to go to that offering’s page, then click on the gray bar with the little magnifying glass in it for multiple views, close-up. I especially like the button-use idea in this piece.

On the whimsey end, there’s this illustrated story of learning to spin, weave and knit. Again, I haven’t a clue as to what’s actually going on here, but I can (sort of) follow along with the story from the adorable illustrations. Click on the little hand illustration to page through the whole thing, or on the text link below it for a quick dose.

Finally, this has nothing to do withyarn. I was visiting Boing-Boing,always a source of the unexpected. There I found a link to ZoomQuilt. Be VERY VERY patient.ZoomQuilt takes a long time to load, and you may time-out. If you get the plain-text white intro page, click on the link at the bottom, then use your up and down arrows to follow along.


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