I promised a while back that I’d post pix of finished projects done from the patterns here, on wiseNeedle, or adapted from The New Carolingian Modelbook. I’m tickled to say that I’ve gotten pix from a couple of people recently.

First there’s Frieda, who worked up these little blues from the Tiny Sock pattern I posted here on String. She’s got a red one artfully posed on a present, too. Very cool!

This kiddie-size Taco Coat was done by Dana. She took the general principles of the thing, then invented her own. Great job!

I hope I’m not breaking blog-etiquette by posting the following links, as I’ve been too lazy this afternoon to write and ask permissions from the various original posters. But I’m posting links to the sites themselves, not pirating bandwidth, so it should be o.k.

Works from TNCM patterns can be found in several spots.

I’m also wildly impressed by these knit things:

Since I’m in this for fun not money, my biggest thrill is seeing what my pattern "children" are up to out in the real world. If you’ve ever knit or stitched something inspired by a work I’ve published, please let me know (and make my day). If you’d like me to post a picture or a link, please let me know, or leave a comment below.

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