Yarn Reviews

If you’ve landed here looking for the wiseNeedle On Line Yarn Review Collection, formerly housed at wiseNeedle.com, I’m afraid I have to disappoint you.

First, I thank you for your support.

When I closed wiseNeedle the yarn review collection content was adopted by the website Nimblestix.  Sadly that venture appears to have gone the way of all things.

As to wiseNeedle itself – again thanks to all.  It was a good run, but all good things must end.  I have posted the knitting patterns here, along with the glossary of international knitting terms.  I will continue mining the wiseNeedle back content, and (over time) reworking many of the advice pieces into articles for the String-or-Nothing reference and tutorial sections.  Stay tuned!

8 responses

  1. It would be wonderful if you could resurrect the international knitting term glossary!

    1. Glad to know that someone found it useful. It’s on my to-do list, and with interest, will now be elevated. Unfortunately, I can’t support a database on this site, as I did on the former (commercial grade) wiseNeedle website. But I’ll look into putting it up as a very large flat file. Thanks for your interest! -k.

  2. It would be wonderful if you could resurrect the international glossary!

  3. Hi,
    I know this is off-subject but this was the only way I could figure out how to contact you. Thank you for posting Justin’s Octagonal Crib Counterpane. I just finished it and it is the prettiest thing I ever made! I gave it away, but will be making one to put in the cedar chest for my own future grandchildren.

    1. Prudence – Thanks! I’m delighted that you enjoyed working up the counterpane. I do this for love, not money, and feedback like yours is what makes it all worthwhile. If you want to send a link to a picture of your finished object, I’d be delighted to share it in the gallery here on the site. All the best to you, the recipient and any future grandchildren! -Kim

  4. Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your good wishes. I would love to send you a picture but I don’t know how. I don’t have a website or do facebook. It is posted on Ravelry.com–does that help?

  5. Just happened upon this website- trying to check some vintage yarn on wiseneedle. So glad that it hasn’t disappeared.

  6. I just landed on this website while going through an old PDF of the sock in 4 sizes. I learned how to knit socks using your pine tree sock (just read the pattern & started) but now I need a size 13…. I’m glad you’re still around & creating! I recently started embroidering and am thrilled to find that you do this too–I find your instructions clear, precise, and easy to follow.

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