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My modular blanket in Marble continues to grow.  Of course, there are the two glaring missing squares, but I can knit them separately, then sew them in:


The floor is tiled in 1-foot squares, so you have an idea of the size so far.  This is as large as the outside is going to get.  I’m on the third of my five big balls of Marble.  After I finish out the corner (and the missing blocks), I’ll do the triangles to make the thing into a nice, even rectangle.  Then I’ll do some sort of banding around the edge, possibly an adaptation of one of the bias scarves so often done in long repeat variegated yarns.  I’ll probably miter the corners.  After that, if I have enough yarn, possibly an edging, although a simple band of I-Cord or double I-Cord may be just the ticket.

In other news, Younger Daughter is back from an early stay at Roads End Farm – heaven on earth for horse-mad girls. 


This year in addition to the fun of riding and friendships, the thrice-clever Margaret taught the kids how to do needle felting.  Younger Daughter has found her fiber calling:


Yesterday’s production:  Stumpy pony, small dino with coffee mug, evil kitten, stubby squid, bird perched in mug handle, and tiny stegosaurus.  All were done with remnants of rustic wool yarns from my stash, snipped into short lengths, and combed out somewhat using two old wire hairbrushes. 

Other than that, we’re in the final throes of preparation for migration back to Pune, India.

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