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Back to knitting.

Here you see the Estonian Lace Scarf by Nancy Bush I started back over Thanksgiving. I ripped it out began again, using a US #6 for the Malabrigio Baby Merino Laceweight instead of the #4 recommended for the laceweight named in the pattern. The look and drape are both MUCH better. Although red photographs poorly, and my own lousy camera skills don’t help, in real life you can see the small nupp style bobbles, which now look like soft cranberries dotting the surface. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make this the recommended length and still have enough left over to do the specified edging. If not, it can live unedged, or with something less yarn-voracious of my own devising. Stay tuned to see how this challenge will be met.


But in the mean time I made the mistake of showing my kids the Fish Hat from the latest edition of Knitty. They’re totally smitten. Especially because they know I’ve got a pile of lurid orange and yellow acrylic sitting around, just waiting to become a pair of randomly striped ultra silly goldfish.


I may have to do up a couple of these over the holiday, just to keep the peace. Oh. And to enable a local rendition of the classic Fish Slapping Dance.

Finally, happy holidays to all from us here a slightly snowy Casa Magnifica, somewhere in Eastern Massachusetts.


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