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…the saying goes, must come to an end.


So goes the summer of 2012.

One sure sign of summer’s end is retrieving one or more kids from Roads End Farm, the summer camp they both love.  As ever, much fun was had.  We’ve found there’s a direct correlation between how dirty they are at pick-up, and how great the summer was.  Let’s just say that this year we transported a little ball of filth with a big smile.  Here’s that same smile, up on Yuma.


Dante, star of the pix below was having a bad leg day, and was returned to the paddock rather than being pressed into service:


That’s Sue in the background, riding instructor extraordinaire.  However you’ll note that Dante is sporting a fashion accessory.  It was a very fly-filled season, and to give the horses some relief, they have been wearing fly bonnets.  However in the farm’s price range for pre-made, they only come in one-size-fits-all.  I don’t have a shot of Elliot, REF’s largest horse, but at well over 16.5 hands, he towers over the farm’s 76-horse mostly Morgan herd.  Stock fly bonnets would not fit him – not easily.  So I made him one, custom:


He was turned out to graze the morning we visited, otherwise I’d have a shot of the thing being modeled.  I used the crochet pattern from Nordic Mart, picking up stitches after the crochet was done to knit the ear socks.  I used some old Austermann Record 210 remnants and a size 4mm (US G) hook, approximately 4 skeins total.

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