Progress continues to be made. I have now finished the front (complete with darts), and am starting the back. The Berroco Suede yarn continues to be annoying to knit, but produces a quite pleasing fabric. An additional note though – it’s HEAVY, even compared to a similar gauge cotton. This will end up being quite a weighty T-shirt. Jury is still out on the warmth factor, but the thingbeing 100% nylon, it probably be on thetoasty side.

I’m planning to finish the border around the neck with an abbreviated strip of the same edgedesign I used earlier. I’m also especially pleased by the dart shaping. Being far from planar myself, flat cut Ts never quite fit me correctly. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Shapely T fits.


A couple of people have written afternoticing the origin ofthis blog’s name. They’ve asked if hobbits knit. I’m not a gushing "look what they’ve done in the movies" follower, nor am I aline-by-line memorizer of JRRT’s canon, but I’m pretty familiar withthe books.

I can safely say there is absolutely no specific textual reference in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit for knitting.

Hobbits do wear mufflers (though obviously, never socks) but how those are made isn’t detailed. This however didn’t bind the imagination of the movie makers.There is considerable debate among the fan-boy/fan-gal set thatdoes costume replicationas to whether or not Pippins’ scarf in the recent filmswas knit or woven. Although most of the other specialty textiles in the series were woven, I thinkthe scarf wasknit, using lozenges of purl weltingin a contrasting color broken up byslipped knit stitches:

The sametexture/color pattern is foundin this Schaefer cardigan. Still, I’m not going to run out and make one myself. I’ll leave that for the truefan-boys/gals.

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