Returning from our sojurn at the Nature Channel, I pick up where I left off on Filet of Dragon. I’ve finished the center panel, and have decided to eke out the width with an additional panel of the same edging I used top and bottom.

I’m putting a strip of it at each end, centered on the best looking?curlique in the repeat. I’ve also decided to put plain quaternary stars in the corners, rather than butting the new strips up along the edge of the old ones. I still haven’t decided on what frame to use on the entire piece, but by the time these strips are done, I’ll have a clue. Or so I hope.

Here’s progress to date:

You can see the beginning of the side frame at the right. Here’s the layout logic:

What’s a quaternary star?? It’s the standard eight-pointed star/snowflake so often seen in Scandanavian and Fair Isle knitting. This sample’s branches are four units long, but the one I’ll use in this project will have shorter three-unit arms, and will fit into the 13 unit square corners.

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