My T-shirt in Berroco Suede progresses. I have gotten used to knitting with the Suede, but am not loving it. But I do like the look and the Shapely T pattern. Here’s document of my progress:

Suede T - 3 evenings progress

The Shapely T pattern starts off with some garter stitch, and then includes some short-row shaping to make a rounded shirt-tail style bottom edge. I’ve increased the depth of the border below the shaping. I used a row of Indian Cross Stitch (Walker, Vol 1, p. 112), framed by garter stitch ridges and a row of elongated knit stitch (wrap yarn twice per stitch on Row 1; k1, drop extra loop on Row 2):

Suede T edge detail

Because my bottom edge will be deeper than the original pattern, I cast on more stitches than the pattern called for, and hid some evenly spaced decreases in the garter stitch ridges. With luck, my extra width will compensate for wrapping a wider bottom edge around the shirttail shaping on the hem, and I’ll end up with (mostly) straight side seams.

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