This may well belong under a Chest of Knitting HorrorsTM entry, but I’m sorely disappointed with something I made for myself last year.

I knit up Berroco’s Tatania pattern. I didn’t use the recommended Berroco Sensuwool, instead I used an oddly labeled but beautiful wool that knit to the same gauge. After long and hard study (and after finally seeing other yarns by the same maker), I’ve decided that this stuff was Filtes King Australian Merinos Collection Irrestringible – a 100% Merino wool of about sport gauge. It was hard to tell exactly who made this yarn because the label also lists "Rosina Filati" and "Filtes Genoa", and placement of the name was confusing. I’ve listed it in the yarn review collection as Rosina King Australian Merinos, but I plan on correcting that the next time I do a database edit.


Knitting up this pullover was mostly pleasant. The wool is soft and forgiving to use, although it is a splitter. The pattern however has a serious error in it. The unusual neckline shaping should be formed by increases rather than decreases as written. Once I subbed "inc" for every "dec" on the neck part, everything came out o.k.

The (minor) tragedy of this piece has happened since. The yarn is a soft cabled multi-ply multi-color. I’ve been told it looks like Missoni Stampato, with two plies of deep blue, and two plies of variegated jewel color loosely twisted together. Sadly even though those plies are nicely twisted, and I found no imperfections or knots in the balls themselves the yarn has chosen to break in several spots. I now have a nifty sweater sitting in my darning basket waiting for me to Kitchener up at least three holes.

What caused this? I don’t know. I’ve got no moths, and didn’t notice any fiber weakness while knitting. I only wore it twice before I noticed the breaks, and spray blocked it instead of dunking it; so it hasn’t even undergone washing yet.

What am I doing about it? For now, letting it sit in the "to be mended" pile until my enthusiasm grows and/or I can figure out how to prevent more holes. I guess it really should be included with the rest of the HorrorsTM.

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