It’s spooky quiet here, waiting for the phone to ring to announce another round of house-viewers. Even our pets (such as they are) feel the stress of the moment.

The kids have two hermit crabs. They’ve named the crabs Punchy and Crunchy, (or Akebono and Fujitake, depending on whom you ask.) We’ve had one crab for almost three years now, and the other for almost two. Both have decided tomolt their old carapacesin the past ten days. Not just change into newshells, which they do withamusing frequency, but to shed their own hard parts. This leaves a little "ghost crab" of discarded claws and legsbeneath them, like a naked toddler standing on a pile of shed pajamas. Perhaps it was all the strangers schlepping through the house, perhaps it was just the season for it, either way the timing seems **suspicious**.We’ve posted a noteon the cage thatreads, "Vicious Attack Crabs. Do Not Tap Habitat."

Aside fromproving oursedentary crustaceans are a bit more interesting than house plants, about the only good thing I can say about being in the deep hush of waiting is that I’ve finally had a bit more time to knit. The front and back of my Suede T are finished, and as you can see, I’m almost done with the sleeves. I knit both at the same time so that no matter what, atthe very least they always match – but I only photographed one for the sake of clarity:

So far the pattern has been spot on. I did have a gasp-and-remeasure moment when I thought the back had ended up severely under length, but then I remembered the short rows in the bust. I have to admit I’ve got more topography to cover than some, so I added another iteration of the short row sequence above and beyond what was recommended for size D.As a result, when measured down the center, the front is quite a bit longer than the back. But when side seams are matched, they are exactly the same length, as are the armscye halves, front and back. My T should sew together with no problems.

Now I’ve got a bit of worry looking at the depth of the underarm bind-off areas, just before the sleeve cap begins. You can see those plateau-like areas above. They seem rather deep,althoughit’s been a long time since I didSerious Sewing or assembled a knitted full-tailored set-in sleeve. But short sleeves are just that – short. I’ll keep at it as written, then do a pin-fit or baste the thing together. If the sleeves seem to fit in oddly, I’ll rip them back, reshape the sleeve capand try again.It’s probably my own unsettlement and nervousness speaking so I am really notanticipatingdoing anything that drastic. I promise to report back as my T takes further shape.

Oops. The phone is ringing. Got to gather up knitting, today’s newspaper and my tea and hightail it out to the back yard to get out of the way of the tour du jour.

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