Well, the easy part is over. The house is now scrubbed to within an inch of its life.With so many familiar things stowed itlooks oddly sterile, almost hotel-like.

Amusingly enough the Real Estate Gal asked me if – being a knitter – I might put together a basket of yarn in suitable colors, and pose it invitingly next to the sofa. She said it was the visual equivalent of boiling a vanilla bean or baking bread before an open house. So it was off on a trek to the storage cubby to retrieve some yarn in order to tart up the family room. Today I expect a herd of real estate people to amble through, in preparation for this weekend’s official viewing. Now for the hard part – hurry up and wait for what we hope will be multiple offers.

In knitting, I’m still mid-sleeves on the Suede T- knitting time being at a premium through all of this. So instead of posting a boring snap of too many stitches of olivenylon squished on a too-small needle, here’s an oldie. I knit this for my older daughter back in ’92 or so, and I wish I were a better photographer. It’s in a DK weight cotton from Lane Borgosesia whose label drifted off into infinite space before the advent of the Yarn Review Collection. It features hearts and OXO cables, both from Walker’s treasuries; embellished with clusters of embroidered bullion knots.The knots weredonein scraps of a matte-finish sport weight cotton.

I was quite amused when two years later Knitters published a similar OXO/heart cardigan on the cover of its Aran issue. Mine however is unique – if for no other reason than for my inexperiencedbumbling around witth the button band when I was noodling it up.

  • Note the odd number of heart-shaped buttons. There are seven because my spacing was off, and I was too lazy to go back and redo the button band for six.
  • Note the fact that the button band is on the non-traditional side for a girl’s garment. When I was at this point I looked down at what I was wearing and did the same thing, never stopping to think that I was wearing a man’s chambray work shirt at the time.
  • Note the less-than-effectively centeredhorizontal buttonholes. I didn’t know back then that during wear buttons "migrate" to the outside edge of the buttonhole slit. If I were to do this today, I’d not center my buttonholes in the band. Instead I’d skew them a bit to the inside edge, so that when buttoned, the buttons appear better aligned down the midpoint ofthe band.

Still for all these defects, this is a much-loved piece. Daughters #1 and #2 both wore it and enjoyed it. It lasted well, enduring grass stains, dripped ice cream, and a rather messy day of strawberry picking all followed by rather aggressive laundering. Now it’s at the cusp of being outgrown and is one of the things I intend on packing away rather than handing down to another wearer.

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