O.k. I don’t do ‘cute,’ and as a rule I refrain from domestic blather. But this weekend past was Mothers’ Day and I believe that gives me license.

My Kindergartner gave me a hand-drawn Mom Book as a present. In it I discovered this page:

What I really liked was the self-portrait in the rainbow sweater (extra big, just so you know the relative importance of the individuals involved); and the knitting needles heldlike picadors’ lances by the drab mom (implied threat negated by big smile). Yarn though is curiously absent, so my guess is that process is less important than product to the average self-absorbed 5-year old. Especially when she or he is to betherecipient of a custom-made present.

Good thing I’d just finished her poncho or the book would have ended with the page captioned "My mom is old." That one I leave to your imagination.

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