More distraction while I accumulate enough progress on my dragon panel to be worth displaying.

As promised, after much fiddling with the frame and expenditure of batteries (still close-ups are difficult with a two-bit digital camera) I present the reverse of my red embroidered yoke:

Sort of neat, but not compulsively so. And yes – Heresy #1 – I use knots on one-sided pieces. My knots however are well formed and placed, and do not pull through to the front of the work.

Heresy #2 – Blackwork in Color

Like I said the other day, there’s a time to be absolutely historically accurate, and there’s a time to burst out in a fit of playfulness. Yes, the patterns on this piece are (mostly) from historical sources. No, the fabric (Hardanger cloth); color choices;and mode of employing these colors have zero reason toexist besides the fact that I felt like doodling with them at the time. I started this piece as a wedding present for a couple whose engagement did not last longer than the stitching. Blame the bride for the insipid country-kitchen colors.

You see about a third of the total length. The rest of the piece includes a bit of inhabited blackwork; plus another standard Roman alphabet; and lots more cross stitch and strapwork patterns. Some day I might finish it. Or maybe not.

Recognize the squash/lily-form tulipflowers (bottom-most whole strip)? Yup. They were on my Anything Worth Doing sampler, too. The framing strawberry chain here done in pinks and greens also shows upin blackworkonmy Forever Coif. Think of it as pattern recycling.

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