A quick post today as I dash from errand to errand. More progress:

I’ve finished the border panel on the left, and am starting its companion on the right. I’m still nooding out the logistics of attaching the top and bottom borders. I’m still favoring the crochet-on-as-you-go method, but I admit it would have been easier hadI not decided early on to leave a two open mesh divide between all pattern elements. I’ve got my two empty rows top and bottom. Now to do the attach-as-I-go top and bottom strips, I’ll have to do my slip stitch on a filled rather than empty mesh. That may turn out to be a bit more noticeable. Tinkering is called for…

And in response to still more requests – tune in tomorrow to see what the back of the red embroidery looks like. Off to get my car (belatedly) inspected.

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