Sorry guys. No substantive post today. I’m busy lugging my stash back from the storage cubby to install it in the new house. Nothing will get in the way of this reunion. Not blogs, not lunch, not children (well, if they whine enough, I’ll stop to feed them).

Stash count: six Rubbermaid-style storage containers of assorted left-overs and conserved yarns, plus one plastic traveling file bucket full of socks-to-be.

Aside: Through mailing mix-ups, I find myself posessed of one extra copy of this past summer’s Piecework Magazine. If you live somewhere that Piecework isn’t common (say, in another country); and wish to trade a local knitting or needlework magazine for it, please let me know. The local mag needn’t be in English. LATE BREAKING NEWS: The mag has been claimed and will be winging its way to Belgium by the end of the week.

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