Remember I said that

  1. I had rescued my knitting things from the storage cubby;
  2. I was bound and determined to turn a rather dingy basement room into a needlework retreat; and
  3. I wanted to?outfit my haven?on a budget as close to zero as I could manage.

I can report progress on?all three?fronts. I’m sure you don’t care about seeing six stacked Rubbermaid storage tubs, but this is slightly more interesting:

I’ve kept the large table shown in the before shot. The ceiling tile is replaced, the floor is scrubbed, and?all debris is gone. I moved the white wardrobe to the same wall shown in the new photo, above. The white drawer unit is now further down the wall, and the mesh cubes shown here?are betwen it and the gas pipe, which you can see sticking up between it and the other white cabinet in the before photo. My storage tubs of yarn are stacked in the corner of the room where the wardrobe used to sit. No progress on a comfy chair yet, but we’re replacing my daughter’s desk chair this week, so I’ll probably snarf up the abused cast-off for my workroom.

As you can see, the el-cheapo Home Depot storage units we brought over?from the old house are not good candidates for relocation. The drawers are out of the unit you see because?during the move it?shifted from true, and the tracks are now too far apart to hold them. Some minor carpentry is in order before it’s useable again. If you’re thinking of buying this type of peg-together pressboard storage furniture at a home center or discount store, ?remember that it’s build-once-and-leave-it stuff. Regardless of the low cost,?I don’t recommend it for people who are still in the nomadic phase of life, especially?if re-using the piece in a new location is a consideration.

The wire mesh cubes however are a new acquisition, and bode to be both durable and capable of being taken apart and put back together many times. Last week?these?units?were on special at Target. One box of them makes a stand-alone six cube unit, and the cost (on sale) was just under ten dollars. I snapped up two boxes in white (they also come in black). They can be assembled in any of a number of ways. I’ve done my installation in 2, 4, 4 stacks to work around the?large gas pipe on that wall. Because of the geometry of the thing, I’ve got two mesh units left. Not enough to make another cube, but enough to jury-rig two half-height shelves or dividers in existing cubes by using?some nylon cable-tamers to do the attachments.

The stuff in?my cube unit isn’t there for any particular reason. Mostly it was miscellaneous knitstff that got packed separately from my storage tubs. There’s my swift and ball winder; my collection of single-malt Scotch containers housing needles and other tools (upright on the white dresser, and horizontal in a top cube); various UFO bags; a stack of some rustic-type wools that in violation of my own stash-management rule, has overflowed it’s allowed tub. My small black box of sock yarns; and various coned oddiments. I believe that cone of raspberry is in fact Believe, a find from the Classic Elite mill ends outlet up in Lowell, MA. Books, mags,?and leaflets are elsewhere in the house, in their own bookcase; with mags and leaflets?sorted more or less haphazardly into several plastic magazine files.

Eventually I’ll sort through the tubs and pull out Yarns of Immediate Inspiration to put on these shelves; stowing the ones I don’t plan on using in the next fifteen minutes. My stash management rule??

If it doesn’t fit in my existing containers, I can’t buy it.?

That means I either have to knit up new acquisitions immediately, or make room in a tub by using up something that’s already there. However, eyeing the tubs I see that they are increasingly filled with odd lots of leftovers rather than full-project amounts. Perhaps it’s time to organize a yard/yarn sale/swap meet, and invite the world over so we can all redistribute our holdings to better effect. Hmmm….

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