I’m still plugging away. Here you see the finished top border and the start of the border on the bottom:

I think the framing contrasts are working nicely. At the current rate of production, I hope to have this puppy finished in two weeks. Three weeks, tops.

In other projects, a couple of people have asked what happened to the things I was working on when Dragon Fever hit. I’d been doing an entrelac project, and a raglan in a self striper. The answer is both are AWOL. I started Dragon just before our July 4th vacation, about two weeks before we moved to the new house. The bag with those projects in it was packed as part of the general relocation. I know that box is somewhere in the new house, but I haven’t found it yet. To be fair, we’ve got upwards of 30 boxes as yet to be unpacked. Most are books, waiting patiently until we can get bookcases.

The rest are miscellaneous and/or poorly marked boxes each?containing a grab-bag of whatever. Most of those are destined for storage in the under-eaves box rooms behind our closets, but we can’t move them there until after the roof is redone. We’re now playing the hurry up and wait game with the roofer. So the boxes (including the Mystery Box with my knitting projects in it) are sitting in out of the way corners, waiting for the post-roofing reassortment of storage.

Ahhh. The joys of moving!

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