Four motifs done. My guesstimate is that four represents about 15% of
the total finished area. That means I’m looking at something like 26 or
so in total, with some of them being halfies.

looks like the trillium background shapes will form rings around the
star motifs. I’m really looking forward to seeing that develop. My next
step though may be to work out the half-width motif set. That would
include a half-hex, three normal triangles, one normal square and two
half-width squares.

UPDATE – Looking for past posts here

I do try to post stuff here that I hope is useful. I also realize
that much of it might not strike a reader as being useful today, but
might stick in memory somewhere and pop up when the specific need is
encountered. I’ve gotten a couple of questions (including a
comment early today) about how to find past posts. I’ve tried to
provide tools to do that.

First, for the knitting projects and some broad subject areas, I’ve set
up category tags. You can see them in the right hand sidebar (you
might have to scroll right a bit because of an over-large graphic I
posted last week). Projects all are named something like "Project
– Lacy Scarf" and index all the posts that mention each project.
The broad subject categories also work that way. Clicking on the
"Reference Shelf" tag will bring up all the posts that I thought people
might find especially helpful, likewise "Embroidery" should find all
the posts that discuss that subject.

Some particularly popular posts have merited direct access under the
major category "References," also in the right hand sidebar. Yarn
Labels 101 and 102 for example are two posts that get lots of traffic
from people just becoming familiar with yarn labels and how to read

Finally for all those search needs that keyword indexing didn’t
anticipate, there’s a search box in that same sidebar. You can
type a word in there and bring up all posts that mention it, or you can
click on the "advanced search" tag right below that box to do more
complex multi-word or time-limited searches. Typing "booties" in
the search box should find the posts I did on A. Krekel’s pattern for
booties that really do stay on.

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