As you can see, motifs continue to accumulate on North Truro:

The observant will spot more evidence of my continued existence in the
photo’s lower right. Apologies for the quality of this shot. I
recently replaced the hand-me-down 1.3 mega pixel camera I had been
using with a hand-me-down 3 mega pixel camera. In theory, the best
quality setting of the latter should be better than the best quality
setting of the former. Apparently there is room for contention in
this theory. Still, you can see how the design continues to
grow. Next week’s progress shot will feature the thing on the top
of a queen size bed so you can see how far I’ve got to go.

I’m afraid that while this piece remains interesting to knit, I’m
rapidly running out of things to say about it. I don’t anticipate
any earth shaking discoveries until I get up to the bit where I have to
improvise half motifs to go around the edges:

Since I prefer the look of a nice straight edge and matching edging to
the rippled look of a "bare motif" spread, I’ll also have to invent
something to eke out the east/west sides. Plus the actual edging
of course. You can see the full motif smack in the center of this
layout (full yellow hex in the center). The half hexes are in
blue. They’ll pose a bit of a challenge because they’ll have to
be knit flat as opposed to in the round, but since I chart my patterns
by repeat, I don’t need to do any redrafting – just remembering the
circ/flat inversion and only working three rather than six
"petals."? The squares on the edge next to the half hexes also
need to be modified. There will be left and right halfies to
preserve the pattern’s lines. The hardest part will be the half
triangles needed to eke the thing out east and west. Fiddly but
easy to do. I never quite like the way they turn out.

Thought for the day:? Life is only as complicated as you make it.

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