Yup.  You guessed it.  Twisted again and back to square one.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that I’ve established my flash value.  However  I’m at the point where since I know my stitch count,  I"m ready to knit several rows of waste yarn (twisting be damned), then start in on the good stuff.   

My excuse?  Too many stitches crammed onto too short a needle, and the fact that I usually take the lazy person’s way out.  When I start a large circumference item on circs, I usually purl back the first round and join on the third (sometimes even the third or fifth for finer yarns).  Having a larger bit done helps keep thnigs aligned when time comes to do the join, and cleverly done with the cast on-tail, the one or two row notch can be rendered invisible, or incorporated into the project as a design detail.

One final possible start again cue – I think the thing would look better knit on a US #6 (4.0mm) rather than a US #7 (4.5mm).  Less leggy, more opaque.  If so – it’s back to establishing a new flash value based on that  new gauge.

Knitting is easy.  It’s projects that are hard.  But if it WERE easy, I woudn’t be tempted to keep at it.

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