Thank you to the two people who wrote in to report errors on wiseNeedle and String-or-Nothing associated with our port and update. We’re fixing them as fast as we can. If you find bugs or strange behaviors, please send them in. I have also processed in the backlog of yarn reviews and queries that were stuck among junk entries in a gigantic queue of spam posts. My sincere apologies if you have been waiting to see a query or yarn review appear. After noting that we received over 100 ads for questionable products on just one single night you can bet that we’re working on the spam prevention problem, too.

Next steps include catching up with reposting the last few String notes from July and August on Blog-City to the new String over here; beginning to answer the huge pile of backlogged questions on the Advice Board; putting basic structure into the Wiki; and getting as many of this season’s yarns’ basic data into wiseNeedle as I can. In my copious free time of course.

Oh. And knitting. I’m happy to report that the latest Red Doily progresses apace. My edging now marches three quarters of the way around the piece. There’s no point in taking an additional picture yet. It looks pretty much the same as it has. I promise pix when the thing is done. As ever, your patience is greatly appreciated.

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