This post originally appeared on 24 June 2004


Just paging through the morning’s news, and I stumbled upon this report from a knitting-themed sailing cruise. It sounds like tons of fun. I could spend a week alternately knitting and re-reading O’Brien’s Aubrey and Maturin series…

But then reality sets in.

Maybe someday when the kids are older, schedules less hectic, and disposable income more capacious. Still, it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

One response

  1. Wow, that cruise sounds fabulous! It’s really a very good deal for a four-day vacation. Maybe in two years when it doesn’t conflict with classes and I’ve saved up by eating only Ramen…

    Ingrid []

    Don’t forget rice and egg. (Make rice, stir in an egg just before it’s done. Squeeze on a squirt of soy sauce, or if you’re flush – mizo and scallions.) Student poverty was a powerful dieting aid. [grin] -K.

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