On the pattern redaction, Karen suggests that the 1892 pattern is the traditional Print o’ the Wave Shetland lace knitting motif documented in several places. The best example of it is in Sharon Miller’s Heirloom Knitting. The Eunny Jang wave stole pattern I just completed has a variant of it, too.

I reply that this pattern, although clearly of the same lineage, is different. It employs no double decreases, and minimizes the side to side movement of the wave element. I’m on hold noodling it out, between work-related deadlines and holiday preparations with the kids, I had no time to myself yesterday.

On the serendipitous end, the kids are finally old enough and use-specific tools have gotten safer enough to let them loose to carve their own pumpkins. Except for he icky scooping out the innards part (and rescuing the pumpkin seeds for toasting) they did them entirely by themselves this year.

So on hold right now are my Spanish hat; the repair, finish and block of the Wave stole; finishing the decipher of this pattern; plus beginning my holiday gift knitting. I have promised six pairs of socks plus several other small pieces as yet to be determined.

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