The striped pullover in Classic Elite Star progresses. Karen however warns that in her experience Star can bleed in the wash. I’ll take that into consideration and treat it as a hand-washable.

I’ve completed the body and the collar, and am now starting on the sleeves.


I don’t have any more of the navy blue, so I’ve started the cuffs in the darker of the two greens. They’d make an incomprehensible and boring photo right now, all muddled up on a very springy circ, so I’ll spare you that image. The color progression on them will be (more or less) the same, but because they are three inches shorter, they will probably end with the deep green at the top, too. And yes – I did calculate the stripe widths so that the turquoise one that spans the top of the shoulders and that is seamed up the center is the same width as the other stripes after assembly.

The reason I have only one or two skeins of each color is that this mixed bag lot of Star was a thank-you gift from a friend who works at Classic Elite. A couple of summers ago I pitched in to help her complete several sweaters in their fall line when their scheduled finishers couldn’t make the photo shoot deadline. It’s been stash-aging a while. This sweater will probably end up almost all of what I have – 1 skein of yellow, navy, and light green, two skeins each of all the rest. It’s a good thing I started it now rather than wait any longer. Too much longer and the target child would have outgrown the available coverage.

If anyone is interested when I’m done and can incorporate any notes from production, I’ll post the pattern in this one size.

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