Not sure if this will work o.k., but I’ll give it a try.

I’m away from home base this week – attending a professional proposal managers’ conference in Savannah, Georgia.  (There is no activity too obscure not to have its own professional association.)  Posting will be severely hampered by lack of time and camera until I return.

In the mean time I can say I brought a couple of things to work on. One is a pair of standard socks.  The other is the beginnigs of a more or less original lace shawl (more because I’m working it out on the fly, less because the patterns in it will be adapted from existing sources.)  I’ve started with an unusual large repeat lacy pattern from a Rachel Schnelling pattern compendium, published in German.  I’m using a magnificent tobacco color cashmere light laceweight given to me by long time knitpal Friend Deena.  (Hi, Deena!)  Pix upon my return.  I promise.

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