Some (minimal) progress on my lace shawl, knitting from the framing area chart presented in my last post. Other than that – a quick post in passing, because I’ve been stacked at work with little time for knitting in the evenings or weekends.

So far, the corner miters appear to be working. The blue marker below indicates a corner point. There’s one plain knit stitch on either side of it, making a column radiating diagonally out from the center basketweave area. Moving away from the marker, the yarn overs immediately adjacent to those two stitches are the ones highlighted in my chart. The green YO coming just before the corner, and the blue YO right after it.


You can also see the double YO insertion between the basketweave area and the more solid areas above. I like that detail, too.

Once work chaos clears, expect a sojourn in blocking land, because I’ve got a totally full to-be-blocked basket. Also reports on the baby blanket still in swatching stage.

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