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Reminder – every NYT file I posted a link to earlier this week is free-for-view to people registered at the New York Times website. I didn’t pay a cent to look at any of them. If you are getting a paid access message it means you are not logged in. Go to the main NYT page and register. It’s free. I’ve been a member since the site went live and not once in all that time have I received spam traceable to that source.

Cashmere Lace Shawl

It’s done! Here it is in the not-so-harsh light of a cloudy morning, unblocked but patted flat on a white rug:


It measures approximately 100cm (39 inches) square in this state. I’m sure blocking will add another couple of inches as it stretches. Some detail shots, too!

cashlace-7.jpg cashlace-8.jpg cashlace-9.jpg

The patterns were adapted from charts appearing in The Knitted Lace Patterns of Christine Duchrow, volumes I and III. I’m pleased with the way my corners worked out. They’ll display better under blocking, but the designs meet up at the corners without truncation. The edging is a bit narrow to be in proportion, but I think that blocked it will also display better.

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  1. Looks lovely even without blocking 🙂

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