Shawl. Unpinned, spread out and patted flat. My final size prediction was spot-on.

cashlace-finished.jpg cashlace-done.jpg

As you can see from the before picture – blocking lace is A Good Thing.

Now only one challenge remains. Where the heck would I wear such a thing? I’m not a shawl-wearing type person. They tend not to go with work boots, jeans, and polo shirts (my standard uniform). Which is the origin of today’s title. Name for the shawl itself? “Woven Diamonds” has been suggested.

It has also been suggested that I publish a real pattern for Woven Diamonds. I’ve got working notes and I’ve already charted the stitch designs, but writing up a full pattern would be a challenge. For example, describing how to fudge the ease around the corners on the edging, or how to do the final graft – neither would be easy. Given that I wouldn’t recommend this as a first lace project, I’m unsure how much previous lace experience I would have to assume any knitter would have.

Would you make such a thing? What level of detail would you need in a pattern?

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  1. I know what you mean, but, I too continue to make lace shawls despite the fact that I’m a blue jean kinda person. Every shawl I’ve ever made I’ve gifted away and told the recipient that it’s multi functional .. can be used as either a shawl or tablecloth, in the hopes that it will be used in some way, shape, or form.

    Being a lace junkie, I have little doubt I’d have to add the Woven Diamonds pattern to my never ending collection of lace patterns I’ll never actually get around to knitting, but, considering the time wrapped up in writing a pattern, I think a slightly simpler pattern would appeal to more knitters. Perhaps something along the line of the lace baby blanket you made? It’s gorgeous, and so many knitters like the idea of knitting for once in a lifetime occasions. I like to think that a Christening shawl will one day be used as a veil, and that makes the time wrapped up in it worth while. How about a mystery Shawl KAL?

    Incidentally, the bathroom is looking great. Love the window!

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