As you can see from the traditional String blurry pictures, the Zig-Zag Baby Blanket is done. Although it’s acrylic, I blocked it out to stretch the lace and flatten out the edging. And I spare you from squinting only at the Peter Max image of the thing mid-block on my checked sheets:

baby-blkt-block.jpg baby-blkt-done.jpg

Now you can see what I was talking about in the last note – I took the single zig-zag insertion framed by diamonds as presented in the text, used one column of diamonds as a center “spine” and mirrored another zig-zag on the other side. I also improvised a matching edging adapted from the main design’s zig-zag and quad eyelet motifs. The thing is a square approximately 37 inches across from point tip to point tip – a useful size for a travel or basket blanket, although at tad small for a crib blanket. It’s knit in a DK weight yarn and sports a stockinette gauge of about 5.5 stitches per inch. Stitches used are knit, purl, K2tog, SSK, and YO. If you can manage them and read a chart, you can knit this thing. (While keeping place in the admittedly large chart can be a minor challenge, given sufficient sticky notes or magnetic bars, that problem is very manageable.) If anyone is interested in making one like this I’ll consider writing up and posting a pattern. One caveat – this piece is a gift and will be leaving the house within the next two weeks. Requests made after that time will have to rely entirely on my shaky memory.

Because I had the blocking sheet out and had some room, I grabbed another piece from my done-and-waiting pile and blocked it, too. Here’s Red Doily #3, knit last year, pinned out and presented done (but with some ending off still on the horizon)

reddoily3-block.jpg reddoily3-done.jpg

To embarrass myself, I went back through blog archives looking for when I knit this third red doily but didn’t find it. I think was knitting this piece back in the fall of 2006, and it has been sitting in the blocking pile ever since. That’s so long ago, I’m not sure where the pattern is from, but I think it might have been from Patterns for the Art of Lace Knitting: The Complete Works of Rachel Schnelling, compiled by Gloria Penning.

Only three more items in my to-block stack…

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  1. I just found a picture of you in armor from must be close to our college days or shortly there after. William thinks it is a picture from a Crown in Myrkfaelin. I think I can scan it and send it to you, if you like.

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