Of late my life has been ruled by deadlines. The pressure should abate somewhat soon because we’ve managed to find another proposal person at work. I am looking forward to evenings and weekends again. Also knitting.

In the mean time more in the manner of keeping sanity rather than making any real progress, I dashed off another pair of socks last week. This one was on huge-as-logs 2mm needles, standard toe-ups with the figure 8 toe and short rowed heel, on only 64 stitches (not my usual 72-80) . No fancy patterning, no nothing. Just mindless stockinette to let the yarn’s native colors play. The result looks rather Star Trek – with the standard Trek swoosh – albeit sideways – in crew uniform colors on a dark navy background.


The yarn’s official name is Regia Galaxy 4-Fadig Color. I suspect that in Europe it’s sold as Regia Jupiter, because of the small blurb about Jupiter inside the label. I worked it on such large needles because the color repeat didn’t work very well at my standard smaller gauge. The label recommends 2-3mm needles. As you can see, the swoosh factored in nicely enough at 2mm.

I’m not quite sure what larger project to begin next. I’m still finishing Elder Daughter’s Kyoto sleeves. But that’s my downstairs project, for when I have time to sit with the family and play video games or watch movies. My upstairs project sits in the library, where the adults of the house take their relaxation after the kids have gone to bed. That’s usually the most involved thing I am working on at any one time, and the project for which I now find myself in need of inspiration.

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  1. Was this Regia the neato-looking sock yarn I pointed out to you when we were are Wild N Wooley over Thanksgiving? We were just about to leave when it caught my eye and I pointed it out to you. (Regia is deadly, showing photos on the ball bands like that). IIRC, you mumbled "I need a new pair of socks". <wicked grin>

    Boy, they came out great! Very jazzy and spacey looking. Not your regulation Starfleet Socks…


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