In the name of expediency I started on Baby Gift #2, but instead of working in the fingering weight wool I had bought on sale, I dipped into my pile of recently received gift yarn for an Aran weight acrylic in baby yellow. It’s unstretchy and slightly fuzzy, but very soft. I figured that on US #10 needles, I’d make short work of a quick blanket. And it looked to be heading that way:


Can you see the problem? Takes a while if you’re not looking for it.

See the zig-zag on the left? In the first four repeats, it’s flanked by little diamonds on alternate sides. That’s how the repeat is SUPPOSED to look. Those other zig-zags with the diamonds soldiering up one side or the other? Nope. That’s wrong. My first 1.5 repeats across are correct, after that all goes to hell.

Now why did this happen?

Because I was too cocky and wasn’t paying attention. I can usually memorize a pattern this simple in a pass or two. I thought I had it licked, and continued to knit away on autopilot, without checking the Duchrow book pattern chart I was following or looking at my work. In fact, I didn’t notice the problem until I patted the blanket out for this morning’s photo.

What next?

Ripping back the one and a half skein of knitting you see above. The good thing is that I cast on for this only on Friday. That’s just three evenings worth above. The bad thing is that this yarn is surface fuzzy, and taking it out will be a pain. But if I go back to the very beginning I’ll get to do some minor engineering. I think that I’ll do something deliberate with the repeat, possibly with some mirroring or (on purpose and symmetrical) distortion.

Idiot me….

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  1. I saw one problem almost immediately, then my eyes went to the left and saw more. Since I’m not that clever with lace, I was suprised I could see it.

    I think the recipient probably won’t even notice.


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