As promised, and thanks to the Tofutsies sock recipient, here are pix of that pair. She’s a far better photographer than I’ll ever be, so for once shots on String have an element of clarity:

tofusox-1.jpg tofusox-3.jpg tofusox-2.jpg

Thanks, Merlyn! You can actually make out the diamonds of eyelets. And thanks again to Kathryn for the Tofutsies yarn. (I feel especially enabled today.)

To make life easier for future reference, here’s the chart for the ankle pattern. It’s repeated four times around the sock, a convenient one panel per needle if you’re knitting with four needles holding 18 stitches each, or two circs with 36 each (a sock circumference of 72 stitches, the count for the largest gauge I knit for myself). This can also be worked as side by side panels of 16 stitches by eliminating columns 1 and 18 (a sock circumference of a more usual 64 stitches). The astute will be able to pick out from the excellent photo that I followed the pattern as presented in Duchrow, but my chart below offers up several modifications to the original:


Or if you’re adventurous, here’s my own riff on the same idea to make an argyle-like diamond studded all-over repeat – this time requiring a fixed multiple of 18 stitches (It can also be worked as a single panel of 18):


This adaptation is so blindingly obvious that it must be presented in other stitch sources. For example, without running to my library I am pretty sure that Walker presents a diamond of double YO eyelets in her second Treasury. Which is another way of saying that there’s little new in knitting, and most invention is more of a process of rediscovery than virgin creation.

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  1. I’d like to know more about the Tofutsies. I’m working on a pair of socks with it now, for the first time, and I’m wondering if it’ll shrink at all in the washing, and if the unevenness of it will work itself out as easily as it does with regular wool. I do enjoy using it, though.

  2. Nice patterns, Kim. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. I am the lucky recipient of these scrumptious socks! So far, after their second washing, they have retained their size and softness. They were washed in cold water and I put in the clothes dryer once, accidentally. (I’ll do my best to remember to air dry them from now on because I want them to last forever.) The diamond pattern is completely intact with no distortion and the colors haven’t faded.

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