There’s been precious little knitting shown here of late, an egregious oversight for a knitting blog. As usual, I plead too much work and too little time, with the added complication of kid graduations/celebrations – Elder Daughter from high school, and younger daughter from elementary school.

alexgrad.jpg morgangrad.jpg

Fun events to be sure, complete with family/friends, but time consuming none the less.

What little time I’ve had to knit I’ve used to work on my olive tablecloth, which at this point is better named “The Blob”


Right now unstretched it’s about 24 inches from needles to center, with something upwards of a thousand stitches on the needles and I’m not done yet. You can see how densely the stitches are packed onto my too small needle:


That’s a 2mm, by the way. At this point I don’t dare let it free from the stitch keeper unless I’m actually working on it. The thought of dropping those thread-fine stitches makes me hyperventilate.

The good news is that I’m only 40 or so rows from completion. At the rate of 1.5-2 rows per week, I’ll be working on this for quite a while yet.

I do have an interim knitting decision to make. This is NOT a good piece to take with me on our midsummer vacation. It’s best worked on in one spot (you can see I didn’t move it far from my favorite knitting chair for the photo, above). But what to bring?

Perhaps I’ll bring along the Kyoto I still haven’t finished for Elder Daughter. I’m mid sleeve, in boring stockinette, with just the last 8 inches of sleeve to go plus finishing. And I’m also considering bringing my Truro Counterpane. At this point it’s a traditional summer knit for me, and with only nine mega-motifs done I still have miles to go before I can deploy it as a blanket. Or I may decide to do something else entirely. I’ve got a few sweater-sized lots of cotton stashed, any one of which would be an excellent quick-knit summer top for me. Decisions, decisions…

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  1. Mary K. in Rockport | Reply

    I recommend socks! Halcyon has some nice Opal sock yarn on sale in Harry Potter colors.

  2. How annoying you aren’t able to take the green lace tablecloth – so close. I think both suggestions are in order. A: you complete your daughter’s sweater (on the cooler, possibly wet days) before she leaves home, gets married & refuses to let you see her 1st child, cos she feels you snubbed her by never completing garments for her. B: It’s that time of year. Truro needs an airing. I have a cotton blankie like that- 4-5 yrs in the making (now over 1/2way) and a blot in my WIPs basket.

  3. Take the Kyoto! Something simple, anyway. I took a complicated shawl last time and had to frog all I’d done. Dang!

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