Not much progress for all the days since my last post. I blame work, which has a way of expanding to fill all available free time. Still, I have made progress on the Buttery pattern strip, and so far have managed to either find in my notes or invent enough new fillings so that each diamond motif is unique – even the halfies on the pattern strip’s edges.


Here’s a slightly less blurry shot of the whole piece, so you can see how this panel balances the two-tone panel on the right hand side:


You can see that I’m about two courses of motifs away from finishing this strip. Then it’s on to choose something narrow and lacy for the top edge. After that it’s gentle hand wash to remove working grime, and finish or frame.

And in other news (and for as long as this link lasts), other house projects are in the news!

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  1. Boston Globe photo list link is migrating as they post more pictures. The referenced pumpkin is now at http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/specials/halloween/gallery/yourdecorations?pg=22.

  2. Dumbo you repeated one flower.

  3. This is just too amazing! I’m wondering if I’m too old to take up embroidery–back when my fingers were nimble and my eyes sharp I spent my needlework energies on garment construction and knitted lace, but I always had a hankering for embroidery….

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