Very simple completion here: a simple full back with a deep rod pocket at the top, and a hanging stick made from a dowel and two wooden beads. And as hinted at before – the wide green band at the top (the same heavy twill weave cotton that makes up the backing) balances out the wider strip of green embroidery at the bottom. It works. Or so I think. Oh. The sage green fabric? It’s a remnant. Long time readers here have seen it before. The color in the earlier pix is truer to the real thing. There’s no such thing as extra fabric or yarn, it’s all just fodder for future projects.

Elder Daughter takes Do Right back to the dorm in the morning.

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3 responses

  1. That looks great! I hope your daughter loves it.

  2. does elder daughter love it to pieces?????

  3. I love it.

    Seriously, I love it. Everybody has posters in their room from the poster sale. I have Space Invaders and amazing stuff.

    Other readers, you have no idea how good this looks in person. If The Evil Overmom can take a photograph, the genuine article is x100 more cool.

    Not even kidding. When I hang it (darn being in class!) I’ll take a picture, comment again, and link.

    Thanks, Evil Overmom.

    Can I please have some socks? I’ve never appreciated warm socks until now… D:

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