I’m still working on my round-up of charting software reviews. I’ve got three or so more dedicated programs to try, and then I’ll attempt to bend standard graphics programs to my use. In the mean time, work eats at my life. I did get a little bit of time to stitch while we were watching the Olympics yesterday. Here’s the result of that hour plus the prior week’s worth of dinking around on my Clarke’s Law sampler:


Complex, but in a blocky, heavy-torso, post Renaissance way, kind of delicate. It makes the grape border above the line of text seem meaty by comparison. This strip is mostly reversible. Some small bits like the diamond in the center of the plume/flower’s base and the bark texture lines are discontinuous, and I didn’t bother to either start or finish off my threads invisibly. But with a bit of tinkering to norm the non-attached bits of detail, there’s no reason why this pattern couldn’t be worked totally two-sided.

For those of you who are thumbing through TNCM looking for this one, it’s not in there. It’s part of the set I’m grooming for the next book. If the investigations into a feasible charting method ever pay off…

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