We’re slowly getting back to normal here at String Central, but I am still woefully behind on posts. The holidays were a bit squished due to work pressures, but fun none the less. Apologizing for tardiness, I present some highlights.

Here you can see the resident staff getting ready to welcome the guest of honor. This includes basic decorating:

Deploying the M&M army, provided over the years by Good Friend Jean:

And finally welcoming Gaston, who came to dine with us:

Or rather, whom we came to dine upon. Here’s another glamor shot:

Gaston was slow-roasted very simply, with sage, onion and apple inside for flavor. I can say he was simply delicious, served with creamed onions and celery, plus red rice with wild mushrooms. We picked him up, dressed from Savenor’s in Cambridge on Thursday, then brined him in cider for a day before he went into the oven for dinner on Christmas Eve. Over the course of the week we consumed him entirely, saving hocks, extra skin, and bones for bean pots to come, and making a terrific terrine out of the liver. We will miss Gaston, but we’re very happy that our paths crossed.

Speaking of happy, the usual holiday triumphs also occurred:

Every girl should have a gift pile that includes jewelry, fun clothes, books, games, and own physics discovery set. The kids are now thoroughly spoiled by family, friends, and their parents alike.

All in all a good holiday!

3 responses

  1. Your M&M army reminds me of my string of M&M lights — so cute! And a physics discovery set sounds excellent!

  2. My kind of Christmas tree — a joyous accumulation of decorations that all manage to go together and celebrate

  3. Love the tapestry over your fireplace. Did the daughters knit their own stockings? And how in the world did that pig fit in your stove? (Perspiring Minds Want to Know)


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