I’ve been working on the book, so my spare time is eaten long before I get around to posting here. There are now roughly 24 plate pages in process, either partially or fully complete and I’m working on the annotations.

In other progress news, I’m most of the way through this band:

Me-Zoe-You asked about the scale of the work, so included a penny and a standard foot long ruler. I’m working on a relatively coarse 36 count linen, at about 18 stitches per inch. The voided flowers in the current strip are slightly smaller than the penny. You can see that the four strips are each about a foot wide. This is going to be a BIG piece!

The cloth is quite a bit larger than the part shown – with enough room for four six-inch zones side by side. This pattern grouping occupies the centermost two. I’m not sure which pattern to do next. I’m also not sure if I’ll work the rest of the thing all in parallel, or if I’ll run some bands perpendicular to these. A couple of the patterns I’ve been playing with are so large that they’ll need two or perhaps all three sections to show their repeats.

Plus with symmetrical bands and no words on this one yet, there’s nothing so far that says which end is up. I still haven’t found a motto I want to enshrine in this piece. It may end up being mute. Suggestions are most welcome – especially secular, non-political, slightly geeky (yet pithy) sentiments that are not the sort of thing one would expect to see embroidered.

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