…should grow. Vaster than empires and more slow.

This week’s progress is brought to us by an in-Barony performance of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, enacted by The Baron’s Players. The troupe is made up largely of friends, and the performance was quite enjoyable, played as a farce it had some laugh-out-loud moments. And as I watched, listened, and laughed, I stitched. This is not considered a faux pas in the SCA, where diligent quiet needlework is an acceptable audience activity, provided the attendee is not so absorbed in it as to be insensible or unappreciative of the performance.

Here you see a sideways view of the accumulated stitchery to date, so you can get an idea of scale and placement:

One more full leaf, plus an acorn sprig and part of a second, and I’ll be done with this strip and on to the next.

To Adelle, sorry to disappoint. I won’t be drafting this project up as a kit and selling it, but all of the designs in it will figure in my forthcoming book.

For those of you who follow such things, barring major crises – I have every intention of being at the Carolingian 40th anniversary at the end of the month, where I will be part of the “dim memories from the ancient past” contingent. I will be wearing my dress with the blackwork underskirt, and in all probability will be seated somewhere comfy where I can watch the fighters and embroider. Stop by and say hello.


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