Thank you all! As you can see, our crowdsourced blackwork pattern page is starting to fill up:

I’ve made no attempt to balance these or place them in any particular way. Numbering starts in the center, and works (more or less) in order of receipt. Half stitches, and stitches off the grid are shown in red. I’ve also taken the liberty of naming these, and including comments if provided by the donors. So we have:

  1. Death’s head – mine, fromDancing Pirate Octopodes
  2. Octopus – also mine, from Dancing Pirate Octopodes
  3. StarBee – sent in by the fabulous Twerp, our first submisison!
  4. A Cup of Tea – from Sandy
  5. Crosshatched Flower – from Anonymous
  6. Ladybugs – from #5 Anonymous’ 10-year old daughter
  7. Shaded Flower- from the prolific Jeannette de Beauvoir
  8. Geometric – “It starated life as a flower, I don’t know what it is now…” – from Jeannette de Beauvoir
  9. Acorn Sprig – “The acorn looks a bit big but a smaller one was too small.” – Jeannette de Beauvoir (I think the size is just fine).
  10. Pomegranate – Jeannette de Beauvoir is on a roll!
  11. Zap! – :”Kind of reminds me of a circuit diagram.” – another from Jeannette de Beauvoir
  12. Flower Sprig – Jeannette de Beauvoir again.
  13. Four Flowers – Jeannette de Beauvoir
  14. Mistletoe – “I think this could stand to be moved down a space or two in the frame” – Jeannette de Beauvoir
  15. Meh. – This one came in earlier but fell to #15 due to lack of enthusiasm 🙂 – Another (totally different) anonymous donor
  16. Blue Crab – “To continue your ocean theme.” – from Maryland Stitcher, who managed to fit in the requisite number of legs!

I’ll release the whole page as a well-behaved PDF as soon as it’s full. It’s not too late to add your patterns to our pile. I’m more than happy to finish out this page, and to start more pages if needed. The instructions are here.

And if you landed on this page looking for Ensamplario Atlantio my free book of blackwork fillings – do not despair. You can find it here.

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  1. Kathryn Newell | Reply

    These designs are marvelous! I can’t wait to see what it all looks like when filled.


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