Taa daah! I present our finished crowdsource pattern page! 39 different and distinct patterns, from Twerp’s Starbee to Pam’s Knot, designed by you – readers of String!

To round out our count we have:

  • 32 – Gum Blossom #1. From Susan Davis, posting all the way from Australia
  • 33 – Death’s Head. Susan continues our piratical sub-theme. The eye patch and nose are done off-count.
  • 34 – Doodle. Also Susan’s. The tightly packed stitches at the arms’ ends will present like satin stitch.
  • 35 – Gum Blossom #2. Susan again, sharing flowers from Oz with the rest of us.
  • 36 – Gum Blossom #3. More Susan. Very sweet!
  • 37 – Gum Blossom #4. Susan’s final flower.
  • 38 – Snails. Mine. I can’t resist working these snails into every project I can. Your initials can be swapped into the center oval instead of the flowers.
  • 39 – Celtic Knot. Last but far from least, from Pam, who ties our totally insane collection up with a nice, final knot.

So there you have it – one full page of crowdsourced contributions. This was fun! If folks want, I’ll start another of these. Let me know. Also if you stitch up something using one or more of these fillings, please send me a picture to post here, so we can all share the joy.

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  1. What a wonderful group of creative patterns!

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