Or in our case today, drifted leaves. Covered by snow during our unseasonable pre-Halloween snowstorm. Very odd to have to shovel a path for trick-or-treaters.

In any case, here are some leaves as yet untouched by the weather:

Progress on this current strip is slow. Like all voided background designs, it takes a lot of stitching to do the area cover. Still, I’m moving along. Here’s the thing in full sampler context:

I’m still considering what to put left and right of the dragon, but have decided that whatever designs I end up using, both sides will be collections of narrow bands with short repeats, worked horizontally. But given the pace of the current strip, I probably won’t be getting to them until January. Not only due to current production speed, but also because of holiday interruptions and some end-of-year knitting obligations.

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  1. It is very beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing the completed project. I have a feeling that only people who have done this kind of embroidery really understand how much work goes into the completed project.

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