Wondering what we’ve been up to?

Well… You’re looking at it.

After a good run, we’ve closed down wiseNeedle.  Sustaining it was no longer possible.  I’ll be rescuing the patterns and most of the articles from it, and reposting them here over time.  And the yarn review collection will become part of the data trove at (as yet stealthy) Nimblestix.  They’re still in Beta, but if you log on with “wiseneedle” after your user name, you’ll get a priority spot in their admission queue.

All String content is here.  There will be some inevitable cleaning up as we settle into a new set of internal links.  Most but not all links here from external sites should work.  We’ll try to fix as many of the broken ones as we can.  In the mean time, please take advantage of the much-improved category index and search features.

What have I been stitching?

On our trip to India and on our vacation at Cape Cod I busied myself with small, hand-held stitching projects:  two quick book covers for small pocket sized appointment/jotting notebooks.

The finished book cover is adapted from two patterns that will be included in TNCM2.  The one in process is a multicolor rendition of a filling in Ensamplario Atlantio, with a twist edging adapted from a larger design, also in TNCM2.

So.  Be welcome!  Let me know what you think of this new site and about what parts of wiseNeedle should be at the top of my rescue-me queue.

4 responses

  1. Woot, grats on the new site, it looks good and I am glad that just site adjustments are all that were keeping you busy.

    1. Thanks! Still working those adjustments. There are lots of pages I am porting over, probably into PDF for ease of use.

  2. I know how difficult moving a website and reconstructing it can be, so I feel like a jerk asking this but… I just started playing around with blackwork and everywhere I go there seems to be a link to your book “Ensamplario Atlantio” download. I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the internet. Is there any possible way to get a copy of it. I would gladly pay for a PDF download or an ebook or anything. Thanks.

    1. If you pop up to the “my books” button at the top of the page, you’ll find a link. Likewise if you look to your right under the topics list. And to be complete – here’s yet another:

      Hope this helps! -k

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