I had occasion to unroll the big green sampler last night in order to adjust the padding that was between the layers of previously stitched work.  While it was out and open, I took some progress pix:

green-19 green-20

You can see that the entire piece spans the width of my dining room table.  I’m more or less at the centermost strip, and at (more or less) the middle of that strip.  The penny on the shot at the right will give you an idea of scale.  I’m pleased with the density and patterning so far.  I’m also pleased with the pulled background of the latest bit.  But it is taking a VERY long time to stitch, and I’m looking forward to figuring out what will be next.  Perhaps something in quick-to-finish double running, perhaps something a bit more geometric and very open.  We’ll see!

In other news, I’m continuing to add both knitting and embroidery patterns to the patterns buttons at the top of the page.  I’m going back through prior posts and standardizing formats, putting everything into convenient buckets for ready access.  If you’ve got a request, let me know and I’ll bump it up in priority.  Enjoy!

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  1. It is looking good, and like a ton of work. I have been working on table linens and started (ack!!!) Christmas Ornaments. I guess one of your projects is probably worth two or three of mine, lol…

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