Playing with the Wingspan pattern here, I post progress.  Wingspan #2 is almost finished.


Mine is narrower than the original pattern – 75 stitches instead of 90; and has one extra point.  Oh, and Swiss cheese holes (double YOs, followed by Sl2-K1-PSSO center double decreases, although first and last one in the row is a single YO to maintain stitch count).  I could probably have gotten away with knitting a tenth point, but I wanted to have a wider inside strip to finish.  As you can see, I had a very wide red/blue ragg section, and I used it to do a row of decrease-framed diamonds across the whole top.  I’ll finish out the ball flat, without additional eyelets.  And if I don’t like that, I’ll rip back and do that last point.  The next post will show my completed Swiss Cheese Variant Wingspan, mid-block.

For those who have asked, the Wingspan pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry.

More patterns posted

For those of you who may not have noticed, I’m continuing to post the accumulated free patterns previously published on wiseNeedle and here on String.  All will be available as PDF downloads at the Knitting Patterns and Embroidery Patterns tabs, at the top of this page.  Some incorporate additional advice on the pattern or technique harvested from the associated pattern discussion posts.

Highlights of the knitting pattern collection include:

  Kombu scarf    

Embroidery charts include but are not limited to:


Note that the block unit graphs presented as embroidery patterns are also suitable for knitting, mosaics, crochet, and other work that’s commonly done off a gridded design.

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