My bag of orts hardly reduced by my progress, here’s more Motley:


It’s rather chaotic, but I like it.  For the record, I’m using US #8 needles, which are quite large for fingering weight.  But the odds and ends I’m knitting with are not all of uniform thickness.  Some are regulation fingering weight sock yarns, like Regia, or Fortissima.  Some are heavier, like Koigu, or Dale Baby.  But all fall into the 9-6.5 stitches per inch range.  Since this is a throw and not something like a sock or mitten that needs a sturdy fabric, using these finer yarns on larger needles is minimizing the gauge difference among them all.

I’m about a third of  the way through the center rectangle.  When that’s done, I’ll probably fill in the little triangle bits at the top or bottom, then do a narrow mitered edge around using a solid color.  After the unifying band is on, I’ll finish off the thing with some sort of edging, also done in haphazard small quantity multicolor.

There’s no guarantee however that the current “bottom” edge will remain so.  I can add stripes to either end, so long as I maintain the joining rhythm, with raised join edges appearing on every other seam.  The other “rule” I’ve hit upon is that unless the quantity left when I get to the end of a stripe is very small, or the yarn’s color variations are giant, I am beginning a new color for each new stripe.  I do note that my color selections are consistent.  There are reds, purples, yellows and greens in there (and the occasional snippet of turquoise), but most are variations of those tones that harmonize well with deep blues.  For example, there aren’t any baby pastels or desert tones in the thing.

Working on this is bringing up memories of the various projects that fed my bag of leftovers.  Socks and baby projects knit at particular places, for specific people come to mind as I address each tiny remnant.  Although I hope I’ve got a way to go to the Madame Defarge stage, coding the names of the damned next to the guillotine, I do remember details of conference presentations and lectures I knit through as their sock leftovers come to hand.

And finally the explanation for the cryptic “on the road” designation, and for the uncharacteristic  bright photo of the piece.  I’m in Florida, visiting my mom, and took the photo here in her bright and cheery marble-floored apartment, rather than our  darker New England home. Here we are enjoying the view off her balcony and being spoiled rotten.  Not necessarily in that order.


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  1. Hi Kim, I stumbled across your blog today and see you are off to live in India. I lived in Mumbai in 2010 for 7 months, whilst my husband worked on a project for his company. Being British, it was a culture shock to say the least, but I absolutely loved it and I am so jealous of you right now. I wrote a ‘diary’ and sent it back home to all my friends by email. It detailed my attempts to make sense of India and I love to look back on it and the remember the very happy times we had there. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Elaine! The encouragement is much appreciated. We’re in the final month’s run up to the adventure, and I’ll be blogging our experiences here. In the mean time, the husband is in Pune, and you can visit his blog to get a taste of what’s in store for the rest of us – So… I ask you the question that weighs most on my mind right now in my packing frenzy. What was the one thing you forgot or didn’t know you might need that you wished you had brought with you, or what was the thing that you didn’t know you’d need that ended up being invaluable?

      1. Ok, off the top of my head……I wish I had taken a pair of Crocs! You can buy them in India, but they are expensive. You really need them in monsoon season, as to be blunt, they let the water through whilst filtering out the rubbish. Flip flops leave your feet a bit vulnerable when the streets are so flooded and you can’t see what you’re are stepping on.
        Also, shed loads of Immodium, peppermint pills and dextrose sweets for the inevitable stomach problems. If you use hairspray, take some, as decent stuff is non-existent in India. Likewise high factor sunscreen, at least 50. Indians are quite bemused as to why we would want such a thing and consequently, it’s almost impossible to find.

        I happened to take a couple of pair of black footless tights, which turned out to be really useful as I was able to buy lots of Indian tops to wear over them. Unstructured bras come in handy as well, as most Indian tops are cut tight across the bust and although I’m not large in that department, I frequently got stuck in clothes in the aptly named ‘ Trial Rooms’ in shops!

        Top tip…..take a picnic when you go to register as a long stay foreign national…..

  2. Again thanks! Valuable info, all. (Scurries off to do more prep and packing).

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